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dvt system aps


dvt system aps

A container is being loaded, leaving for Japan 


The original transport and sorting system was developed in Denmark.
In these buildings we still have development, assembly and test.
Production is now distributed to a number of sub suppliers in Denmark and
to two Licensees: One in U.S.A and one in Japan.


Our history

dvt has long traditions in the laundry business starting in 1864,
originally as a supplier of Chemicals.
In 1964 the first Milnor Machines in Europe was installed in Denmark.
Later was added all other kind of Machines for industrial Laundries.
With the first efficient steam tunnels from Kleindienst, dvt started to
develop transport systems. Alone from the Super Jet garment loading station
has been produced and installed more than 500 pieces.

Our goal

We want to be one of the market leaders within transport, sorting and logistic
in industrial laundries worldwide.

We are going to reach this goal by
1. Continuing to invent the solutions our customers needs to improve and
increase there business and results.
2. Continuing to expand our network of long lasting partnerships with our
suppliers, licensees, employees, dealers, and customers.

Advanced solutions which are simple to use.


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